The journey begins

My journey so far has been incredible. I love what I do and i've had so much support, I truly feel blessed. My enthusiasm and respect for this practice has made such a difference in my life for the better. Inquisitively, my mind wants to connect everything I interact with to a story. I visualise stories/images with everything I hear and see. Everything feels like a journey and that is how I work with animation/motion design. I come from a hairdressing background which has given me the skill to listen to people. I also interact with every kind of person on a daily basis. I hear stories all day long, so you can imagine how many images I see in my head daily, it's a lot! I didn't have anywhere to express these ideas. I decided to go to collage to begin an art course for a year. It changed me immediately. My interest for this new thing in my life was like a fan to a flame. I was encouraged to go to University. Naturally, I leaned toward moving image when I applied as a graphic designer. I've worked hard and truly have the drive and work ethic. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter in my life and career. thank you.